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Mathematical Modelling of Nanoscale Therapeutic Systems

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Project overview
The scientific activity has focused on the development and implementation of multi-scale mathematical tools for studying the dynamic behavior of biological systems.
The strategic objectives concerned both the interpretation/validation of experimental data and the proposal of novel design/fabrication methods of nano-technological interest.

We studied the diffusion and transport properties in vascularized porous tissues.  In particular, the research has focused on the development of multi-scale mathematical modelling and simulation tools, from sub-cellular to tissue scale. We particularly modelled pharmacological treatments through diffusing nanoparticles. In the long term, the results proved the potential for personalized simulations and  the design of patient-specific therapeutic strategies, especially against cancer.
We also developed theoretical models and computational simulations to study few basic mechanisms regulating mechano-transduction and morphological transitions in living matter, both in physiological and in pathological conditions. The undertaken approaches allowed proving original results, which opened pathways for the development of new nanometric devices with controllable properties.

Principal Investigator
Prof. Pasquale Ciarletta
Thematic area
Mathematical Modelling

Duration and dates
tot. 36 mo., Nov. 2012 – Oct. 2015

Financing institutions
Regione Lombardia through PAR-FSC funds

Co-funding institutions
CEN, Politecnico di Milano

Project team
Pasquale Ciarletta, Davide Ambrosi, Marco Verani, Carlo De Falco, Chiara Giverso, Matteo Taffetani, Anna Zanzottera, Valentina Balbi, Laura Cattaneo, Maria Cristina Colombo, Raimondo Penta, Viola Pettinati

Project publications
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