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Prof. Francesca Baldelli Bombelli

francesca baldelli bombelli

CEN hosting institutions:
Politecnico di Milano

CEN projects:
Fluorine-functionalized theranostics in anti-cancer treatment

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Francesca Baldelli Bombelli is Group Leader at CEN - European Centre for Nanomedicine in Milan since 2013 and Associate Professor in Chemistry at NFMLAB, Department of Chemistry of Politecnico di Milano, since 2014.

After a degree and a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Florence, she has been Research Fellow at Chalmers University, Sweden (2004-2006), post-doc researcher at the University of Florence (2006-2009), Senior Post-Doc at CBNI, University College of Dublin, Ireland (2009-2011) and Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, UEA, UK (2011-2014).

Her research interests are focused on the synthesis and development of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) for the diagnosis and treatment of untreatable diseases such as cancer, and on the interaction between ENMs and living matter, to understand their interaction mechanisms and impact on human health, with particular emphasis on their possible toxicity and long-term undesirable effects on humans.

In detail, currently her research concerns:

  • Development of 19F-MRI multifunctional nanoplatforms that join fluorine magnetic activity with additional imaging and drug delivery features
  • Study of ENMs behavior in biological fluids with the formation of so-called protein corona NPs
  • Interaction of protein corona NPs with model systems of cell membranes and in vitro cell lines
  • Development of nanotherapeutics for melanoma

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