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Molecular and Ultra-structural Imaging Department

As to technologies and equipment, CEN believes that the best strategy with respect to the impressive range of technology platforms available in Lombardy, and particularly among CEN partners, is to avoid duplicates and encourage networking and platform sharing as far as possible.

In 2010 CEN organized a survey of the facilities available among its partners, identifying areas that were uncovered or in need of upgrading. Molecular and Ultra-structural Imaging was found to be the field of major interest, strategic to a widespread range of research activities related to nanomedicine.

Subsequently CEN decided to set up a Molecular and Ultrastructural Imaging Department, in collaboration with IFOM, Fondazione Filarete and Ospedale San Raffaele, to ensure adequate technological support to the "Start-UP Packages and PhD Programme" project.

The Department, offering cutting-edge microscopy and sample preparation equipment (sectioning, freezing with high-pressure and freeze substituting), supports CEN researchers and activities, while external research groups and interested Entities are welcome to contact the CEN Foundation for exploring possible scientific collaborations.

The Imaging Department also organizes advanced trainings for targeted end-users; in the past five years, courses were released on the following topics: Information and Training on Ionizing Radiation Risks; Ultramicrotomy and Cryo-Ultramicrotomy Theory and Practice; High-Pressure Freezing and Freeze-Substitution Workshop.

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