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CEN Congress 2016 - Program

Nanomedicine Symposium CEN@UniMiB
Towards Translation and European Networking
Milan, October 18th, 2016 - Aula Martini, Università Milano-Bicocca

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08:30 – 09:00 Registration

09:00 – 09:30 Welcome addresses
Cristina Messa, Rector of the University Milano-Bicocca
Luca Del Gobbo, Regional Minister for University, Research and Open Innovation, Regione Lombardia
Piercesare Secchi, President of the CEN Foundation

Opening Lecture: Nanomedicine in Europe
Chair: Francesco Nicotra, Scientific co-Director of the CEN Foundation

09:30 – 10:00 Patrick Boisseau, European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine, “A general overview on the state of the art and perspectives of nanomedicine: the ETPN vision”

SESSION I: Nanomedicine, from lab to market
Chair: Maurizio Masi, Scientific co-Director of the CEN Foundation

10:00 – 10:20 Francesca Re, "AmypoPharma: Nanomedicine-based therapy for Alzheimer’s disease: mission possible for AmypoPharma S.r.l.?"

10:20 – 10:40 Tommaso Bellini, ProXentia, "Reflective Phantom Interface, a new technology for label-free molecular detection"

10:40 - 11:20 Coffee break and poster session

SESSION II - Nano-Therapeutics
Chair: Anna Bernardi, CEN Foundation and University of Milano

11:20 – 11:40 Luigi Lay, University of Milano, “Engineered glyconanoparticles as vaccines delivery systems”

11:40 – 12:00 Maria Gregori, University Milano-Bicocca, "Design of nanoparticles for the treatment of brain tumors”

12:00 – 12:20 Maria Grazia De Simoni, Mario Negri Institute, "Pseudoglycodendrimers as tools in complement-mediated injury"

12:20 – 12:40 Patrizia Sommi, University of Pavia, "Ce(III)/Ce(IV) Ratio of Ceria Nanoparticles in Human Cells"

12:40 – 13:00 Paolo Zunino, Politecnico di Milano, "Multi-scale and multi-physics approaches for predicting the transport of molecules, nanoconstructs and cells in neoplastic tissues"

13:00 – 14:30 Lunch and poster session

SESSION II - Nano-Diagnostics
Chair: Furio Gramatica, CEN Foundation and Don Gnocchi Foundation

14:30 – 14:50 Filippo Caracciolo, University of Pavia, "Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of Organic Molecules for Molecular Imaging Applications"

14:50 – 15:10 Renzo Vanna, Don Gnocchi Foundation, "Toward the development of a nanobiosensor for the PCR-free detection of miRNAs related to the progression of Multiple Sclerosis"

15:10 – 15:30 Pierangelo Metrangolo, Politecnico di Milano, "Fluorinated smart reporters as innovative imaging tools"

15:30 – 15:50 Luigi Falciola, University of Milano, "Photo-renewable nanostructured electroanalytical sensor for neurotransmitters detection in body fluid mimics"

16:10 – 16:30 Coffee break and poster session

SESSION IV - Regenerative Medicine

Chair: Livia Visai, CEN Foundation and University of Pavia

16:30 – 16:50 Laura Cipolla, University Milano-Bicocca, "Nanostructured and self-healing materials for tissue regeneration"

16:50 – 17:10 Giuseppina Sandri, University of Pavia, "Nanocomposite based on halloysite and chitosan oligosaccharide for skin reparation"

17:10 – 17:30 Filippo Rossi, Politecnico di Milano, "Selective nanovector mediated treatment of activated microglia as promising tool in spinal cord injury"

17:30 – 17:50 Giacomo Dacarro, University of Pavia, "Antibacterial green-synthesized silver nanoparticles for wound-healing"

17:50 – 18:00 Concluding Remarks



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