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To help us achieve our ambitious goals, our General Assembly, Steering Committee and Scientific Committee plan where and how to invest our efforts and resources, under the guidance of CEN President and Scientific Director.


CEN President, appointed by the General Assembly, chairs both the General Assembly and the Steering Committee. Since November 2015, the CEN President is Prof. Piercesare Secchi.
Past President, from the birth of CEN in 2009 till November 2015, has been Prof. Adriano De Maio.
CEN Vice President is Prof. Marco Ricotti.

General Assembly
The CEN is governed by the General Assembly, chaired by the CEN President and composed by nine members, appointed by the CEN Founding Institutions. The Assembly’s role is to set the Foundation’s strategic direction, to monitor project advances and to ensure that the CEN activities achieve its mission and values.

Steering Committee 
The Steering Committee is composed by the CEN President, Vice President and two Scientific Directors, and is responsible for achieving the vision and implementing the strategies defined by the General Assembly. The Steering Committee also proposes the annual budget, which is then submitted to the General Assembly for approval.

Scientific Directors 
CEN Scientific Directors, appointed by the Board of Directors, chair the Scientific Board and are in charge of the Foundation’s scientific activities. At present the Scientific Directors are Prof. Maurizio Masi and Prof. Francesco Nicotra.

Scientific Committee
The Scientific Committee, appointed by the Steering Committee, is in charge of developing and implementing the Foundation’s scientific strategy.

At present, together with the above mentioned Scientific Directors, the members of the Scientific Committee are: Prof. Anna Bernardi, Prof. Furio Gramatica and Prof. Livia Visai.

Previous members of the Scientific Committee were: Prof. Saverio Minucci; Prof. Alfio Quarteroni; Prof. Francesco Stellacci.

Board of Auditors
Composed by three members, appointed by the General Assembly. At present, its members are: Ambrogio Brambilla, President of the BoA, Nives Nembri and Pietro Villa.

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